About Us

Do you want to find a new partner quickly, easily, and online? DatingExperts.co.nz provides comprehensive advice and great functionalities to make your partner search a success.

Why DatingExperts.co.nz?

Using DatingExperts.co.nz, you will find the best online dating platforms that are most suitable for your specific needs. We have created DatingExperts.co.nz, because we know from our own experience that choosing a really good online dating platform is a challenge.

There are many providers, and all of them are different. Wouldn't it be great to easily and quickly find out which provider best fulfills your specific needs? We made providing answers for this specific question our mission.

How does DatingExperts.co.nz help me?

By using DatingExperts.co.nz, you will receive several helpful tools:

  • Market overview: our ranking of providers gives you a complete overview over all of the relevant online dating platforms.
  • Sorting and filtering: through our sorting and filtering functionalities, you will find the best provider for your specific needs.
  • Expert reviews: our product reviews in the form of expert tests provide detailed information about the strengths and weaknesses of each provider.
  • Help contents: our articles provide you with important background information, how-to advice, and tips.
  • Experience reports: get additional tips and advice from like-minded people through the experience reports of other users.
  • Comparison charts: our tables for feature comparison show you how providers score in important areas.

That way, you will manage to make an ideal choice for your specific needs.

Who are the makers of DatingExperts.co.nz?

We are a young team and made it our mission to identify the best online dating platforms for you. Our team consists of product management and technical and editorial staff.