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Zoosk, which was founded in 2007, is a popular and widely used dating site available in over 80 countries and 25 different languages. While some dating apps are more ambiguous about their intended uses, Zoosk, reffered to by itself as the “#1 social networking and online dating app," makes it clear from the beginning that it is all about love.

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Zoosk Communication

Overall Rating
Chat Functions
Video Chat
Zoosk rates very highly in terms of available communication between users. Members are given the option to direct email message one another. Live chat is another feature available, allowing two users who are online at the same time to chat in real time. Zoosk gives members the option to video chat as well, strengthening to connections made between members. In general, Zoosk excels when it comes to the available means of communication between users.

Zoosk Matching System

Overall Rating
Personality Test
Profile Matching
Profile Visitors
Block Users
Zoosk uses its unique, trademarked Behavioral Matchmaking technology to provide the best, most accurate possible matches for its members. Users participate in a personality test to determine who they are to be matched with. Profile matching is available, allowing users to browse through the profiles with which they matched up. Users on Zoosk can see which users visited their profiles and when. Zoosk gives users the option to block contact from certain users. In general, Zoosk has a matching system that excels in its significance.

Zoosk Search Features

Overall Rating
Picture Search
Keyword Search
Now-Online Search
Search By Profile Criteria
Show New Members
Zoosk has excellent search functions that make it very easy to operate their service. Users are given the option to search based on photo and various profile criteria. Users are also given the option to search for other users that are online at the same time. Zoosk doesn’t allow users to search based on specific keywords, nor does it provide a search option strictly for new members. Overall, the search functions and capabilities on Zoosk are very good.

Zoosk Mobile Use

Overall Rating
Mobile Usability
App Usability
Android App
iPhone App
Zoosk is a service that has exceptional mobile usability. Its app usability is very good as well, but could be improved in some places. Zoosk’s app is available on both Android and iPhone, with users of both operating systems leaving satisfied, five-star reviews in their respective app stores. Overall, Zoosk’s mobile usability is very good, save for a few bugs in the app.

Zoosk Usability

Overall Rating
Login with Facebook
Ease Of Registration
Ease Of Use
Registering for and using Zoosk’s service are incredibly easy. Zoosk offers quick signup using one’s Facebook account, making the process speedier than ever before. Registration is a simple and enjoyable process. Setting up an account on Zoosk can be done in a very short amount of time. Building a profile is simple and easy to do. Overall, Zoosk makes it very easy for potential members to sign up and build their profiles.

Zoosk Popularity

Overall Rating
Male/Female Ratio 51/49
Main Age Range 20-40
Zoosk calls itself the “#1 social networking and online dating app,” and its ratings and popularity back up this claim. There are a whopping 33 million registered users on this site, with a majority of them falling in the 20-40 age range, making it widely popular among Facebook users. Zoosk user profiles on the site are high quality and significantly detailed. In general, Zoosk is a very popular and highly rated service among its users.

Zoosk Support

Overall Rating
Support FAQ
E-mail / Contact Form
Helpful Articles
Zoosk offers some customer support for its users, but not much. On their website, they feature a set of frequently asked questions. There is also a contact form users can fill out, in case they had any concerns. Zoosk does not offer a direct customer service phone line. They do not keep up a blog on their web site, nor do they produce any type of original written content. They don’t have a message board or forum feature on their web site either. In general, Zoosk’s customer support is good, but not great.

Zoosk Terms And Conditions

Overall Rating
Free Offer
Highest Price 29.00 USD
Lowest Price 12.00 USD
Free Trial Period 0
Monthly Plan
Zoosk’s terms and conditions are very good. Zoosk offers an unlimited free plan for users, meaning they will never be forced to upgrade to a paid account. Zoosk does offer premium accounts at a reasonable pricing level. They offer a monthly subscription plan, with easy cancellation instructions. Zoosk has, in general, extremely fair terms for registering to use their service.

Zoosk Summary

Zoosk Screenshot

Zoosk, which calls itself the “#1 social networking and online dating app,” has a lot to back up that claim. Zoosk’s three clear communication channels make it easier than ever to chat with other users. Zoosk’s impressive matching system is detailed and thorough enough to yield a high level of good matches. Zoosk’s high registration rates, smooth mobile usability, thorough search functions and complete ease of registration make it a great service for anyone looking for a very popular and easy-to-nze dating app.

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